Icelandic+ Air Dried Herring Whole Fish

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Feel good about what you’re feeding your best furry friend with Icelandic+ Herring Whole Fish Dog Treats. Each treat is delectably tasty and crunchy, made with bonafide whole herring. This air-dried snack is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and taurine, which promote better skin, a glossy coat and heart health. Plus, these treats can also help clean teeth and prevent tartar build-up. As a real source of protein and single-ingredient treat, pups with food sensitivities will appreciate these, too.

Key Benefits

  • Contains real, whole herring.
  • Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are plentiful in these treats.
  • Contains taurine which supports a healthy heart.
  • 100% fish––a true single-ingredient dog treat!


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